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Re: (Sir) Alexander Fleming
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In addition to Sittingbourne based doctor “Dr Tim” Noble I have to thank Sir Alexander Fleming for saving the life of my sister Beryl.  In October 1954, when I was 10 years my sister suddenly came down with cold like systems and her health quickly deteriorated.  Our family GP Dr Tim was called for a home visit and immediately he diagnosed the symptoms as TB Meningitis and instead of sending my sister to the local hospital he sent her by ambulance direct to St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London where she was operated on by Fleming.  He performed brain surgery and treated my sister with Streptomycin.  Beryl stayed in St Mary’s hospital for 6 months under his care and that of another well-known doctor called Sir Roger Bannister (The first 4 minute miler).  My sister was 2 days shy of her 21st birthday when the illness struck and she lived until she was 77 years old.
Sadly just before she was discharged from St Mary's Sir Alexander Fleming died (on the 11 March 1955).  My sister was naturally distraught as were all the staff and patients at the hospital.
I will be forever in debt to Sir Alexander Fleming and also to Dr Tim Noble who was amongst the British Army personnel that entered and liberated Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

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Re: (Sir) Alexander Fleming
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Fleming gets most of the credit but the work of Howard Florey is often overlooked.

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Re: (Sir) Alexander Fleming
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I was watching a programme on the BBC Red button. They are being put on for home schooling but I'm too old for that... Anyway although Fleming discovered how it could made (from bacteria) he did nothing about it until WW2 was approaching. None of the British firms was interested, they were doing other work for the war effort. So they went to the US and a small firm in New York called Pfizer decided to have a go...….

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Re: (Sir) Alexander Fleming
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My Mother was probably saved when she had her appendix taken out in 1930. They treated her with the new wonder drug penecillin injections when the wound became infected and she contracted sepsis.

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(Sir) Alexander Fleming
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(Sir) Alexander Fleming ----- He discovered Penicillin ---- in 1928