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Re: HMS Warspite 1807-15
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A somewhat fanciful depiction showing the launch of the aforementioned HMS Waterloo in 1833. At the time she was the largest warship in tonnage to be built at Chatham Dockyard.


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HMS Warspite 1807-15
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The Warspite, a fine ship of 74 guns, was launched at Chatham on Monday.The Cambrian 21/11/1807Laid down 3/12/1805, Launched 16/11/1807  , 180ft long, 49ft wide and of 1,890 tons builders measurement, decommissioned 1815Reduced to 50 guns 1840. Loaned to the Maritime Society 27-Mar-1862 as a Training Ship.Burnt by accident 03-Jan-1876 at Woolwich. Wreck sold 02-Feb-1884.[/size] In 1876 another  Warspite was loaned to the Marine society for use as a Training Ship for boys,to be moored off Woolwich. They had to be between 14y & 16y 6m and at least 4'11" tall, of good character and to sign a 2 year indenture. They were required to go to sea at the end of their training.
SET SHIP ON FIRE.  At Kent Assizes on Tuesday three boys who pleaded guilty to setting, fire to the training ship Warspite, were ordered to a reformatory for 3 years.Herald of Wales 23/2/1918The ship was totally burned out and the boys who were inmates, Harold Gurr 14, Frederick Blogg 15, Ernest Adams 14, sentenced to 3 years Reformatory. The remaining boys were transferred to TS Worcester This Warspite was built in Chatham as HMS Waterloo, launched 10/7/1833, a 120 gun Caledonia Class First Rate, rearmed to 89 guns in 1859 and converted to steam. In 1862 renamed Conqueror and upon disposal to The Marine Society in 1877 renamed Warspite