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Maidstone Prison
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John Amy Bird Bell set out with his younger brother, to rob Richard F. Taylor on his way home
from Aylesford, after receiving 9 shillings from Mr Cutbath the relieving officer of the Parish.
The two brothers waited in a small wood, to attack Richard, who had concealed the money
in a bag, in his hand. the father were alarmed when Richard failed to return home. He set out
to Aylesford the next morning, & established his son had been given the money. A search then
proved nothing. It was when eleven days had passed, that a man named Izzard was passing
though a wood about two miles from Rochester, where he discovered the body
The two boys were questioned, The younger brother confessed his brother did kill Richard.
   John Amy Bird Bell was tried at Maidstone & sentenced to death. A scaffold was erected out
side the prison. 8,000 attended the execution, in 1831.