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Re: Evacuation WW2
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Can you believe it Dave -- We from Glencoe Road school in Chatham -- was sent to ---- Newington.
By train --- Gillingham -- Rainham --- then Newington --- all get out. Billited in ---- Church Lane.
We walked home from Newington one Sunday, mother gave us a dinner then sent us back.

In the mid 1940`s, we were evacuated again to Pontardawe in South Wales, that was 10 miles   North of Swansea. We watched Swansea burn during the 3 day night blitz, terrible. We were
only there for I year, then we came home ---------- I was 13 and three quarters.


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Re: Evacuation WW2
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Thanks Dave S. I was evacuated as were my siblings...elder sister and brother to the west country I believe and mum and me as a small babe to Sheffield Yorkshire. Some have disputed that but I have my old ID card still with the address on it. Fighter Command had control of the northern skies by then so Sheffield was much safer.
This was in early 1944 not long after I was born. Mum and I were sent to one place and she got very disturbed by the amount of male comings and going at all hours of the day and night and realised she had been sent to a BROTHEL!!
Anyway she went out into the road an stopped a car (very few of them in those days) and it was driven by a local doctor who immediately took us somewhere else for safety.
Not sure of other details (Dad died at age 52 in 1958 with smoking related diseases and Mum at 90 out here in Sydney Australia) but we were there for quite a long time before it was deemed safe to return to Rochester. Dad of course had continued to work at Shorts on the Esplanade.

Dave Smith

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Evacuation WW2
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All this was on the old KHF but for posterity here it is again. I was a 9 year old at Barnsole Road School, Gillingham. The day before war was declared, we were evacuated by train to Herne Bay as the Medway Towns were a military target.( My friend next door went to Sandwich with Gillingham County School). At H.B.,we were taken to a local hall & residents, who had said they would take evacuees, chose- or were given?-the number they had agreed to. Donald Obray & self went with Mrs. Duncan to 8, New Street. Mr.&Mrs. had 2 boys ( 1 my age,1 2yrs.older) & a girl about 16, working as a chamber maid at a local hotel. Mr. Tom worked as a lorry driver & delivery man for the gas board, collecting coal/coke from the station yard, bagging it & delivering.( Very occasionally we were allowed to go with him on a Saturday morning- bliss!). Mrs. did a cleaning job at the hotel. Quite a poor family but big hearted! Of course, we were rationed with most things, alto' not too bad at that time so we ate well. I remember the next day, I'd been out & on my way back, suddenly there was this LOUD, deafening wailing of the siren on top of the fire station round the corner( obviously 11am when war was declared). We went to the  local school mornings one week, afternoons the next, & the local children did vise versa. The rest of the time we were looked after by " helpers"- mostly wives who'd also been evacuated- or had "free time" to wander wherever. Being the sea side, there were plenty of places to explore! After a year ( the phoney war), France had fallen, so we needed to go the other way & our school went to Bargoed in South Wales( the County went to Rhymney). Because my parents said they would never be able to see me- too far, too costly- an Aunt agreed to have me, so I ended up in Shepperton, Middx. for 2 years. I came back home in July 1942 & met up with all my friends who also came home at about that time. ( part2 another time).