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Re: Memorial arch
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There is a good account of the third Ashanti War on Wiki.
Interesting that timbers for the Royal Engineers to construct a major bridge over the river Prah, were supplied from Chatham, when they built the 160 mile road to Coomassie

Maybe that's the local connection that led to the Memorial Arch being erected at Chatham.

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Re: Memorial arch
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Interesting that it is “Honor” not “Honour” to the Brave.

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Memorial arch
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This memorial arch was erected in Barrier road, Chatham and commemorates the third Anglo-Ashanti War of 1873-74. Looking closely the scrolls can be made out as "Coomassie" and "Amoaful" which refer to two of the campaigns fought during the conflict. One particularly interesting connection to Kent history is that this was the first time a traction engine had been employed in a campaign, the engine in question having been made by Aveling and Porter.