Author Topic: Margate ---- August 1964.  (Read 34 times)


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Re: Margate ---- August 1964.
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Same experience here. Occasional numpty (on both sides) spoiling for a fight; but in general just lads having fun. I was a rocker during this period and the most interaction I ever saw was going to or from the coast. And invariably it would be a bunch of rockers surrounding a mod with  all the rockers lending a hand to get the scooter  fixed  so the  mod could get back on the road. Think the bikers  now call this activity 'Scrapheap Challenge-Roadside Edition.'   :)


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Margate ---- August 1964.
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Was it a battle or a skirmish ---------- Margate----------- in August 1964
I took my family to Margate, on the August Bank holiday. We went by train, took out the deck chairs, all settled. kids playing sandcastles. My sister said `Brian`s missing`. He`s my 2 year old nephew.
I, and other set out to look for him. I found him, under the pier. While I was carrying him back, I
heard an almighty bash, one of the rockers carried a stage makers bar, I looked up to see a long line of rockers, in my path, I was scared, I just walked through them. Next, a while later, groups of lads, sat down behind each family on the beach. Families started moving off the beach, making their way home. A good bank holiday ruined by -----  ( lads having fun, I have heard it being called )
                                                     Not what I would have called it.
                                                  The rocker hit the bar on a sand bin.