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Re: Margate ---- August 1964.
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2019, 01:25:33 PM »
I was 16yrs in 1964 and just ripe for the Mod era.

The Medway Towns which was a Mod town was surrounded by Rocker Towns being Gravesend, Maidstone and Sittingbourne.

In those days we dared not go to these places otherwise there would be trouble not only fighting but motor bikes would ride up next to scooter riders and kick them off balance and would force a crash the motor bike being more stable because of larger diameter wheels.

Margate did have vicious Rockers but then they were only protecting their Town against us Mods some of which would just smash shop windows for the hell of it as they were pretty brainless souls?.....we were not all like that as previously stated some Rockers would help the Mods in a breakdown to get their bikes going again.

The pictures on the telly you see of the Mods all running across Margate Beach during the August Bank Holiday of 1964.......i was amongst that lot but i was of the mentality that i did no damage but being there is no excuse and so one gets tarred with the same brush?

Being 16yrs and able to drive a scooter set me free for the first time in my life ......i could then go anywhere instead of being near home most of the time. Sadly it only lasted about 2yrs because most got the car driving licence and then progressed to four wheels instead of 2 and also being out of the weather it was a great time that i am glad i did not miss and i still see my old scooter friends now to this day.

My scooter was a new Lambretta GT 200 in white with green panels but was soon sprayed to Black & Orange first Registered 25th July 1964.....the number plate is for Kent, August 1964 not many ending in "D" cost was £199.17.6p


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Re: Margate ---- August 1964.
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Same experience here. Occasional numpty (on both sides) spoiling for a fight; but in general just lads having fun. I was a rocker during this period and the most interaction I ever saw was going to or from the coast. And invariably it would be a bunch of rockers surrounding a mod with  all the rockers lending a hand to get the scooter  fixed  so the  mod could get back on the road. Think the bikers  now call this activity 'Scrapheap Challenge-Roadside Edition.'   :)

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Margate ---- August 1964.
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Was it a battle or a skirmish ---------- Margate----------- in August 1964
I took my family to Margate, on the August Bank holiday. We went by train, took out the deck chairs, all settled. kids playing sandcastles. My sister said `Brian`s missing`. He`s my 2 year old nephew.
I, and other set out to look for him. I found him, under the pier. While I was carrying him back, I
heard an almighty bash, one of the rockers carried a stage makers bar, I looked up to see a long line of rockers, in my path, I was scared, I just walked through them. Next, a while later, groups of lads, sat down behind each family on the beach. Families started moving off the beach, making their way home. A good bank holiday ruined by -----  ( lads having fun, I have heard it being called )
                                                     Not what I would have called it.
                                                  The rocker hit the bar on a sand bin.