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Re: Lion Brewery, Chatham Intra
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Good to know that Mr Featherstone is still around.  How old is her now?


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Re: Lion Brewery, Chatham Intra
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Chatham House, is owned by Mr. Featherstone.  I see him at our lunch, every Xmas.


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Lion Brewery, Chatham Intra
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Copied across from the old forum, with some revisions.
Much of this information was from the medwaypubsandbreweries site which now seems to have disappeared.
This brewery was the property of James Hulkes, also known as Squire Hulkes, who seems to have been quite a colourful character.
The brewery premises were extensive, consisting of a wharf with large river frontage, stables, brew house and stores. In front was the private dwelling house, an early Georgian building facing the High Street. There was a paved front courtyard enclosed with high iron railings. The front door was approached by a flight of stone steps, covered by a portico. This is Chatham House, now a Grade II listed building and not to be confused with the other Chatham House which was demolished in 1902 and former residence of another famous brewer, James Best.

There is also on the opposite side of the High Street a garden, enclosed with iron railings and gates, approached by stone steps, and a castellated building, which contains a striking clock. This was the waterworks which supplied the brewery with water. In the brickwork abutting on the High Street is an iron plate, with the initials F.P.J.H. and the date 1809.

This would be the little mock-castle behind St. Bart's Hospital which has had many people puzzling over its original purpose. In later years it was used as a hospital mortuary.
The brewery was sold to Charles Arkcoll & Co. and then renamed “The Lion Brewery”. Upon the death of Mr Arkcoll the brewery was then sold by auction and purchased by Mr Browne of the firm of Owen J. Carter & Co., and later sold by him to Style & Winch. The brewery was no longer required, and the extensive premises were taken over by several different firms. The dwelling house was acquired by Messers Featherstones ltd. and on the paved forecourt a large double shop front was built for the display of goods from their furnishing department.
              Lion Brewery                                  Chatham House                                    Waterworks