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Re: Upnor Castle - accessibility
« Reply #4 on: February 17, 2020, 06:27:53 PM »
I attended a `sealed society ` event years ago, at Upnor Castle. Best ever.

Colin walsh

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Re: Upnor Castle - accessibility
« Reply #3 on: February 15, 2020, 09:28:44 AM »
Upnor castle holds some good memories for me,I worked at chatendean magazines as a junior store house assistant,all part of RNAD Lodge hill,my father HG Gale was a clerical officer he was given the  job of stocktakeing all the mesueam exhibits and fittings in the castle,then part of RNAD lodge hill
At the time of closure.i was sent to help him ,prior to being transferred to the dockyard.most of the contents went to Pridys Hard Portsmouth,and the Impereal war museum,
Things I remember.
White head torpedoe, plus part of the wire guidelines,very early proximity fuses,a collection of Naval weapons swords,cutlasses flint lock pistols and other fire arms,loads and loads of cannon ammunition chain shot can ester shot ECT plus a huge stock of stores ledgers some dating back to Nelsons ships the time spent there with dad gave me a life long interest in history.may be of interest to me mainly but I think it fills in a tiny bit of upnor Story.

Lyn L

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Re: Upnor Castle - accessibility
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2019, 03:45:10 PM »
My youngest son married there 3 years ago , it did seem to be a marathon exercise to actually get into the castle but well worth it. As you have so rightly said , access is difficult if you disabled in any way, fortunately none of the wedding party were. Although a few did need extra help upstairs to the gunpowder room where weddings are held. Beautiful castle, weather a dream and fantastic photo's of us all enjoying it.  :D
Parking was also very difficult but we did all find spaces eventually , a long walk for some though.


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Upnor Castle - accessibility
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2019, 05:21:33 PM »
I've just visited Upnor Castle and thought I'd put down a few notes on its accessibility.

Arrival: as the English Heritage book warns, access is difficult.  There is one disabled space, and you need to phone up to reserve it.  The right-angle turn into the castle is tight, ensure you are happy with bumping up on curbs and shunting to-and-fro.  Exit is by reversing out of the castle, shunting around at the gate, then reversing all the way up the hill.

Scooter access: there is a gravel path up to the castle which should present no problems for scooters or wheelchairs.  If you wander around the grass beware of rabbit holes, stick your rear wheel down one and it spins uselessly! :-[   To gain access to the courtyard there are three full size steps.  A wheel chair with a strong carer might manage them, otherwise it is get out and carry your chair/scooter down.  There is also a significant cill on the inside of the gatehouse, a large wheel wheelchair might manage it, but a small wheel scooter will need lifting over.

General access: there is wheeled access all around the courtyard, but if you have some mobility it is best to enter the two towers and central gunpowder store on foot.  There is a decent exhibition about the Dutch raid on the ground floor of the gunpowder store.  There are no lifts, so access to other floors and the riverside walkway is by foot only.  I didn't attempt it this visit, but from past able-bodied visits the central building is well worth exploring if you are capable, but some of the steps are steep/uneven/circular so care is required.

Suggestion: English Heritage and/or Medway Council (the property is in joint management of some description) might consider a wooden ramp down the three steps.  No damage or alteration to the fabric would be required.  Likewise some easing of the cill by a short ramp would help small wheeled scooters get in and out.  The costs of both should be insignificant.

Finally: Thanks to the most helpful and friendly staff.  I intentionally visited off season so that they would be less busy (and to get parking) and was well repaid. I hope this is of help to other visitors.